Northwest State of Mind

Northwest State of Mind  from my album Made In Portland, is a tribute to my adopted home, the magnificent Pacific Northwest. Having travelled the world, I can confirm that there’s nothing else quite like this place. If you’ve been here, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, start making plans!

The video speaks for itself, but I’d like to point out that the pristine scenery is partly a result of so many people cherishing the land. Responsible environmental stewardship and responsible industry are not mutually exclusive. (more…)

Get Together

Get Together is a track from my 2018 release, GOOD MUSIC  featuring Dan Balmer (guitars), Dave Captein (bass), Jason Palmer (drums), and yours truly (saxophones).  I’ve loved this song ever since I heard my brothers strumming their Martins and singing it with gusto back in 60s. The Youngblood’s version ain’t too shabby either! The song’s plea for love and understanding is at least as relevant today as it was then.


Here’s the new video for “21st Century Blues,” a track from my Group Therapy record. Please watch it, share it, like it (or not), comment, or better yet, take action! Featuring David Phelps (guitar), Dean Johnson (bass), and Tony Moreno (drums). Full credits are listed at the end of the video.

I Wish You Love

This cool little slideshow features my arrangement of “I Wish You Love” by Charles Trenet & Albert Beach, from the Made In Portland CD. Starring Anandi Gefroh (vocals), Dan Wilensky (tenor & soprano saxophones, flute), Bill Athens (bass), Michael Raynor (drums) & Israel Annoh (percussion). Check out Vicki Penfield’s superb photos of Portland and the band.


I wrote Kenai (from the Back In The Mix CD) after my first trip to Alaska. The song and the video are dedicated to the protection and preservation of the amazing Kenai Peninsula.

Ray Charles “Some Enchanted Evening”

From 1979. Personnel:

Saxes: Dan Wilensky, Clifford Solomon, Rudolf Johnson, Ricky Woodard, Jim Sharp.

Tbones: Dan Marcus, Gerard Carelli, John Boyce, Bob Braun.

Tpts: Buddy Gordon, Greg Ruvolo, Tim Ouimette, Johnny Coles.

Rhythm: Pete Turre (d), Eugene Ross (g), Curtis Ohlson (b), Dr. James Polk (Hammond, p)

David Bowie “Black Tie White Noise”

Here I am with David Bowie in a live performance on the Tonight Show in 1993 in support of his album Black Tie White Noise, which I played on. We also performed on the other talk shows of the day and made 5 videos, some of which you can find on You Tube.