The Dan Wilensky Quartet

6/23/2019     7 - 10pm

The Dan Wilensky Quartet at Jo Bar, featuring Mike Horsfall (piano), Bill Athens (bass) and Tim Rap (Drums). Jo Bar is located at 715 NW 23rd Street and has a superb menu outstanding bar selections.

Jo Bar

7/3/2019     7 -10 pm

What better way to celebrate the birth of our country than with jazz, the ultimate free expression? Tonight’s lineup features Dan Gayor on piano, Perry Thoorsell on bass, and Jason Palmer playing drums. What a band!  715 NW 23rd St. PDX

Funky Friday

7/5/2019     10pm - midnight

Recover from the fireworks and shake your money maker! Tonight marks the return of a format I cut my teeth on: the organ trio. Featuring King Louis Pain on organ and Tim Rap on drums. Soul jazz at it’s best.