Testimonial: A blast from the past

Hi Dan,

I doubt you remember me, but Josh Margolis suggested you to play on a ‘vanity’ CD I wrote and produced called Crossed My Heart┬ácirca 1997. You came into studio loaded down with 4 saxes. I was naive and had NO charts, just gaps in songs where I wanted a lyrical sax. You asked what I was ‘after’ and I stuttered something . . and then asked if you’d like to hear the tracks before trying a take. “Nah”, you said nonchalantly. “Just put ’em on and hit ‘record’.” I thought, ‘this guy is cocky as hell’, but I acquiesced and did as you asked. Four songs and 20 minutes later, you had laid down 4 of the most beautiful, perfect tracks I could imagine – each one a first and only take. They all ended up on the finished CD (which, having spent all my budget recording, I never marketed or officially released). I happened to listen to it last night after several years, and was once again gobsmacked by your improv skills, lyricism, soul and empathetic channeling abilities – absolute perfection and magic. So tho no doubt you’ve long forgotten me (and no, I ain’t fishin’ here so don’t even bite), I wanted to say a belated thanks for bringing so much beauty, nuance and color to my work. I remain gobsmacked and in awe of your talent, and it’s so great to see the respected and honored veteran you’ve evolved so gracefully into. Having you play on my songs was one of the highlights of my musical life – and I’ll never forget the musical alchemy you so deftly conjured that magical night so long ago. It was an honor and a life-affirming joy that lingers to this day!


Steve Uhler