And Then Some (1997)

And Then Some is a warm, soulful, left-of-center combo platter of instrumental funk, blues, and jazz starring Wilensky and 20 of New York’s first-call musicians; not your average bear.

Dan Wilensky’s debut CD, And Then Some, was released in 1997, but sounds truly fresh. It features 17 original instrumentals, recorded and mixed in New York’s best studios by Kyle Kelso. Passion, soul, and humor reign on this recording. Wilensky blends elements of funk, blues, jazz, and rock in a timeless-sounding tour de force. You’ll hear some of New York’s finest, including Vinnie Zummo, Shawn Pelton, Wayne Pedzwater, Jack Morer, John Conte, Ira Siegal, Vicki Genfan, Gary Sieger, and Jeff Levine.

Musician’s Exchange said, “Wilensky’s tone – whether on soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes or flute and alto flute – is full of depth and warmth and expression.”