Here’s the new video for “21st Century Blues,” a track from my Group Therapy record. Please watch it, share it, like it (or not), comment, or better yet, take action! Featuring David Phelps (guitar), Dean Johnson (bass), and Tony Moreno (drums). Full credits are listed at the end of the video.

Dan Wilensky Quintet

It’s my birthday! Yay! Come on down and celebrate with me. We’re gonna fit a quintet on that stage if it kills us! Featuring the amazing Alyssa Schwarry on vocals, Dan Balmer (guitar), Jeff Leonard (bass) and Jason Palmer (drums). This will be a great night. Music ’til midnight. Continue Reading

Wilensky, Baker, Steen

Back with one of my favorite formats: the sax, bass & drum trio. So much freedom! So many harmonic possibilities! And what a band! You all know Phil Baker from the jazz and Pink Martini scenes, but it's very rare to hear him throw down in this context. Sonic treats for your ears! And Ron Steen's relentless swing and sensitive rhythmic interactions are the definition of superb musicianship. This is gonna be a groovy night for music lovers of all stripes. Continue Reading

Funky Friday at Jo Bar

Kick off September with a seriously Funky Friday. We'll be playing music of all stripes, but all of it will move your soul and your souls! Featuring Dan Balmer, Dave Captein and Jason Palmer. Continue Reading