4/3/2017     9AM

My friend and colleague Deborah Hurwitz, a Broadway conductor and award-winning TV and film composer who also has a thriving health and wellness business, is hosting a cool interview series called Productivity for Perfectionists: How to Stop Procrastinating, Silence Your Inner Critic and GET IT DONE in 20 Minutes a Day 

The series features over 20 leading experts (myself included!) who reveal their most effective, best-kept secrets in a personal, unedited conversation with Deborah.

This is a completely free online event! Register at the site below.

Since it’s entirely virtual, you’ll be able to watch from anywhere you like, online.

Here’s what you’ll get out of these interviews:

  • Concrete strategies you can use to break through creative blocks immediately
  • Understanding what’s really behind procrastination, and how it can actually be your greatest ally
  • Total freedom from the pressure of needing to get everything right all the time
  • Practical steps you can take to clear a massive to-do list without overwhelm
  • Inspiration to move your dream project forward with confidence, clarity and total self-mastery

Register for Productivity for Perfectionists HERE:


4/12/2017     3:30 - 5:30
Lewis & Clark College, Southwest Palatine Hill Road, Portland, OR, United States

Coaching combo 1, working with music class for 1 hour, and coaching combo 2. I’ll also be reading from my book, Musician!, and taking questions.


4/14/2017     10pm - midnight
Jo Bar & Rotisserie, Northwest 23rd Avenue, Portland, OR, United States
No cover

Another cookin’ night of jazz on the blues side at Jo Bar. Featuring Glorious Clay Giberson, Captivating Dave Captein, and Radical Michael Raynor. The music starts at 10pm sharp, and continues until midnight. Come and celebrate the art of improvisation with us!


5/19/2017     10 - 12pm
Jo Bar & Rotisserie, Northwest 23rd Avenue, Portland, OR, United States

Come on out and groove with the Dan WIlensky Quartet after your wicked work week!  Featuring Laura Cunard (vocals), Dennis Caizza (bass), Micha Hummel (drums). Due to various scheduling issues, this will be the last Jo Bar gig for awhile, so we really hope to see you. This is gonna be a good one!